Is my Site Secure?

Web Application

Website Vulnerabilities

Known vulnerabilities in web applications are commonplace across the Internet and there are a wealth of different vulnerability types that can be harmful or damaging to businesses operating online. By targeting a flaw or weakness within a popular web application, cyber attackers will seek to disrupt service, perform undesired actions, steal or compromise sensitive information, and/or spread malicious content as far and wide as possible. Such vulnerabilities may be present in platforms, pieces of software or popular applications, where each update required should aim to improve security measures.

While there are many different types of web application vulnerabilities, it can be troublesome to know how to reduce the chance of your website being targeted for a cyber attack. However, by taking measurable steps to secure your site and encrypt its connections from end to end, you’ll make it much more difficult for attackers to exploit web application vulnerabilities and help to safeguard it against possible future attacks.

How can I prevent Web Application Vulnerabilities being exploited?

Web application vulnerabilities can be combatted in the following ways:
  • Update and run the latest version of the web application
  • Ensure the web application is configured and setup correctly
  • Regularly conduct penetration tests to see whether your site could withstand a cyber attack
  • Use vulnerability scanners to identify any weak points in a web application