Is my Site Secure?

WordPress Vulnerabilities

WordPress Vulnerabilities

With more than 73 million websites currently running on WordPress, it should come as no surprise that the publishing platform is a popular target for hackers and cyber attacks. While around half of those sites being self-hosted, it’s understandable that most site owners won’t necessarily invest a great deal of time in tightening the security of their website.

Many of the vulnerabilities that attackers look to exploit reside within misconfigured or outdated plugins and are well-known weak points that can provide the perfect entry point for attackers to gain access to your website. Consequently, with the swathes of plugins available that enhance the WordPress experience for both owners and users, there is no better time than now to take preventative measures to safeguard your site from a potential attack.

How can I prevent WordPress Vulnerabilities being exploited?

To give your WordPress website the best chance of withstanding or preventing a cyber attack, you should ensure that the version of the platform you're running your website on is the latest one. In addition, with many of the vulnerabilities stemming from a misconfigured or outdated plugin, you should make sure to only have installed those that you actually use and that they're the most up to date version available.