Is my Site Secure?


Structured Query Language injection (SQLi)

As one of the most common web hacking techniques, Structured Query Language (SQL) Injection is a type of attack that’s used to bypass authentication with the aim of executing malicious SQL statements in the web applications’ database and can be used to bypass authentication steps of accessing. SQL Injections enable an attacker to retrieve contents of a database stored within your server, as well as being able to steal or modify both customer data and sensitive information.

In order to execute this, an attacker must be able to find an input within a target web application that is included inside of an SQL query, where the vulnerable website must directly include user input within an SQL statement. Then, a ‘payload’ (malicious script execution) will be inserted that will be included as part of the SQL query and run against the database server.

How can I prevent SQL injections?

Although there are many ways to protect a website from SQL Injection, one of the most common methods is with the use of SQL parameters that are values added to an SQL query in a controlled manner at the time of execution. By doing this, it’ll ensure that the SQL engine verifies each parameter to ensure that it’s correct for its column and that they’re treated literally, rather than part of the SQL query to be executed.