Is my Site Secure?

Magento Vulnerabilities

Magento Vulnerabilities

Open-source website platform, Magento, is possibly one of the most popular and powerful e-commerce website platforms and a proven favourite for businesses that are looking to sell online through an intuitive system. When it comes to selling online, your website is likely going to generate a lot of data existing in the form of customer purchases, personal information and user behaviour. Because of this, anyone using the Magento platform for their online store should be aware of any potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited.

With around 62% of Magento stores having at least one vulnerability, this presents a great opportunity for hackers to attack your website using one of many different means. While Magento is generally perceived as a robust and secure platform, it’s imperative to update the platform each time a new version is released – just be sure to read what the update is for to avoid any negative impact on your setup.

How can I prevent Magento Vulnerabilities being exploited?

In order to protect your website against the threat of an attack, you should always ensure that you're running the latest version of Magento so that your site won't be affected by vulnerabilities in outdated versions. In addition, you should look to host your website on a dedicated server for greater security and minimal downtime should the worst occur.