Is my Site Secure?


Server Vulnerabilities

When an attacker looks to exploit a known vulnerability in a web server, they’re generally seeking to gain root access to your domain as an method of reaching the data and files that correspond to your entire website setup. Once this level of permission has been gained, an attacker will be able to modify your website’s files and corrupt the website with malware in order to distribute harmful content onto other users’ computers.

Not only that, but attackers may also retrieve personally identifiable information, payment info and customer data from within the server which can be potentially dangerous for those who’s information has been stolen. Consequently, it’s imperative for businesses or websites that collect data that they’re on secure servers that are managed by reputable providers, so that if anything goes wrong you’ll have a dedicated team to assist with getting your site back up and running.

How can I prevent Server Vulnerabilities being exploited?

Server vulnerabilities can be prevented in the following ways:
  • Sanitise all user input before processing it
  • Avoid using shell commands where possible
  • Edit the source code so that the input is verified before being evaluated
  • Display consistent error messages to prevent valid usernames being disclosed