Is my Site Secure?

CMS Vulnerabilities

CMS Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities with Content Management Systems (CMS), such as WordPress, Drupal and Magento, are in abundance and there are millions of attacks on websites that look to exploit these each day. Such weaknesses could be as a consequence of vulnerable, misconfigured or outdated plugins and malware that’s been installed to your CMS. While a large proportion of live sites utilise a CMS for an easy method of updating their website, there are a lot of owners that fail to realise the potential vulnerabilities.

Where an attacker is able to exploit a CMS vulnerability, it could result in information/file disclosure, username enumeration or weak password/brute force attacks, so you should take steps to prevent this where possible. With this kind of access, attackers will be able to gain control of your CMS and modify or upload harmful content that can be distributed to users as they access the compromised website.

How can I prevent CMS Vulnerabilities being exploited?

Where possible, you should scan your site and server for vulnerabilities regularly using an online tool or software, as this is the most common cause for CMS vulnerabilities being exploited by attackers.